Royal Outreach


Last fall, the Royal Bank of Canada (RBC) sent out a call to its customers, inviting them to submit clips or home videos for the “Your Moment” national television campaign.

Through these ads, RBC wanted to explain its services to people wishing to buy a new home through real videos of its clients moving in to their first or new homes.

It just so happened that Mercurius had filmed footage of a move-in a few months prior, which had been originally slated to be used in the commercial for the Breathe Spacer. Our company received word that the project was cancelled just a few days before it received the call for videos from RBC. We therefore submitted the 10-minute footage to the RBC contest.

The communications department of the Bank recently got in touch with us and said there was a clip from our footage that they would love to use – Mercurius signed the release forms and the clip is now featured in the national commercial which plays on television and in RBC branches throughout Canada.