Let the good times roll with Skatefield

MercuriusDesign, Websites

This October, Mercurius worked with Skatefield, a startup company which builds custom wood modules for skateboarders. By creating the company logo, its web site as well as a promotional video, Mercurius helped the new company begin its activities, while creating wealth, jobs and entertainment in the Upper Gatineau Valley. Here’s to a very successful future for Skatefield’s team!

About Skatefield

Skatefield is a rural business which holds dear the well-being of its community. Its team is quite aware of the many challenges countryside youth face today. For many of them, sports constitute a positive outlet, however, many of them require significant municipal expenses in terms of infrastructure in a time where cities and villages must cope with austerity budgets. Skatefield’s answer to this issue is to develop original and affordable custom wood modules for skate parks and individual skateboarders alike. BMX bikes can use them also! Skatefield’s passion allows municipal governments to diversify its youth sports offering, to create a positive energy centres and to create jobs in rural areas.

Their modules are…

Affordable: Built with skateboarders and cities’ needs in mind, Skatefield makes the ownership of skate parks affordable for all!

Ecological: Their skateboarding ramps are built with local products as well as surplus hardware materials. They are made from non-toxic products and are 100% recyclable.

Custom made: Clients’ dream skate park is now within reach! Skatefield works with them to build tailored ramps and accessories that will blow the watchers’ minds!

Movable: Their skateboarding modules are built with mobility in mind. If they must face harsh weather or need to be installed elsewhere, they can be safely moved.

Check out Skatefield’s site today!