Breaking Down Borders


To say that Ukraine has been through a lot lately be an understatement. A peaceful revolution, a reorientation of priorities and values towards the European Union, military operations in the eastern part of the country and economic upheavals have populated the last two years.

Every year the Canada-Ukraine Internship Programme (CUPP) sponsors students and young professionals to work in a Member of Parliament’s office in Ottawa during the fall sessions. Last fall, Mercurius met Petro Zalizniak, an immigration lawyer from Kiev who was part of the last CUPP round and the co-founder of Zalizniak & Associates, an consulting firm specialized in Ukraine immigration. During his stay, we held informal talks about remodelling his company website and corporate brand given the important changes in Ukraine both in terms of politics and immigration dynamics.

Despite the ongoing conflict and economic turmoil, immigration cases don’t relent, from refugees looking for a safe haven to Western investors wanting to take advantage of the lower value of the hryvnia to diasporas needing to come in the country to check up on relatives. That’s why the work Mercurius was tapped to do was so important.

During the spring and summer, we formalized our working partnership with Petro and Pavlo Zalizniak and carried the overhaul of their company’s image, and visually upgraded their website to the latest tech and trends.

You can check out our work and see the services the Zalizniak brothers offer you by visiting today!